What Wine to Drink With Comfort Food!

By: Melanie Lloyd

As the weather drops, nothing sooths the soul like comfort food and a yummy glass of wine.  Here are my recommendations on wine to pair with some of my favourite comfort meals.


Give me ooey gooey macaroni and cheese on a crisp day.  Mine includes old Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Swiss. I always add an extra layer of cheese on top prior to baking to have a nice cheesy crust and to add texture.  Something about mac and cheese brings happy childhood memories and is one of my ultimate favourites on a cold and damp day.

Suggested Wine Pairing:


This White has enough body to match the richness of the meal while the acidity of the wine cuts through the fat nicely.  If your mac and cheese includes lots of smoky cheese, then an oaked Chardonnay could work too.   I paired my macaroni and cheese with:

The Grange of Prince Edward County Unoaked Chardonnay 2013:

This wine has dried apricot, pineapple, and bruised apple on the nose, as well as almond and mushroom. On the palate, there is pineapple flavours with lemon and bitter walnut. It is creamy, has good acidity, and the flavours linger.


This popular Indian meal is one of the dishes I crave most during colder weather. It is so savoury and satisfying.

Suggested Wine Pairing: 


The wine is flavourful enough to hold up to the decadent flavours of the meal. The touch of sweetness balances the kick of spice and the acidity works well with cutting through the richness of the dish. I paired my butter chicken with: 

Château des Charmes Old Vine Riesling 2015:

On the nose, this wine has loads of mineral notes and limestone as well as gentle aromas of pineapple, peach, green apple, lime, and a touch of sweet spice. The minerality comes through on the palate, along with pineapple and lemon flavours. It is very tart with just a tiny hint of sweetness.


My vegetarian chili is tomato based and includes chili powder and just enough cayenne pepper to give a touch of spice.  It is savoury without being too heavy or spicy.

Suggested Wine Pairing:


With this type of meal, a medium bodied Chianti Classico pairs wonderfully. The body of the wine matches the meal. Both the wine and chili are light enough so that they do not overpower the other. Also, tomatoes love Chianti as they pair so nicely together. The acidity in the wine brings the right amount of spice out of the chili. If the meal had been very spicy, however, a wine with some residual sugar would have paired better. For this dish, the wine I chose is:

Coli Chianti Classico 2016:

This Chianti is very affordable and is quite tasty. It has aromas of plum and blueberry, as well as cinnamon, chocolate, and smoke. On the palate, it is medium bodied with velvety tannins and invigorating acidity. The flavours are of tart plum, sweet spice and a touch of smoke.

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